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CIEMMEGI manifactures PUNCHES and DIES for:

  • Punching shears

  • Punching lines

  • Punching Machines for metal sheet (Manual and Cnc)

Our company, on the firm of almost forty years’ experience, and thanks to research and technology investiments, is in a position to offer solutions for any punching problems. In the field of manual and Cnc punching machines for metal sheet, Ciemmegi has strongly developed the solutions wich optimize processing cycles, so it can supply tools by studying the design of the pieces to be manifactured. In the field of punching lines for steel structural work, Ciemmegi has reached important targets in the selection of material and treatments allowing to perform kinds of punching wich were regarded as being impossible not very many years ago.

Our company is a technologically advanced and has so large an assortiment of standard tools, that it can make any kind of shape, thanks to a CAD – CAM system wich interact with the manifactured processes, so the product is exactly manifactured for the costumers’  final approval , keeping to the strictest needs with the outmost precision.

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